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SNAPBITS charms  are for bracelets, shoes and keychains.  They are compatible with (Croc TM) branded shoes and are all the rage with kids and adults alike. We love these  SNAPBITS and you'll want to collect them all.

 SNAPBITS charms , which range from movie characters, cartoons, flowers and animals, allow you to personalize your accessories and shoes.  Each SNAPBITS slides into the circular holes in the top of your shoes or bracelets.  You can use one charm or buy one for every hole. They won’t poke through into your foot, so you won’t even notice they’re there. But the world around you will be able to see your personality shine through your footwear and accessories!

SNAPBITS are sold  in 5, 12, or 25 packs of random and different designs. These are great for Party gifts bags, stocking stuffers for Christmas, AND SnapBis  are also great for collecting and trading them with your friends!  

                                   No 2 SNAPBITS the same in our random packs!

                                                               5 Pieces

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