Jolly Crystal Snowman

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The "Jolly  Crystal Snowman' is a solid body pendant in the shape of a Snowman. Featuring a snap base in the centre, surrounded by clear white rhinestones.  A perfectly charming necklace.

During the Middle Ages snowmen were something of a phenomenon. Not only were children making snowmen, but adults were using the figure as a means of expression. Outdoor galleries were set up to display the different artistic takes on snow creation. People would walk about town discussing the merit of each frozen display. In 1494 a young up and coming artist by the name of Michelangelo was commissioned by Piero de’ Medici to create a snowman for the ruler. 17 years later the city of Brussels would use the cheerful tradition to make a point.

Customize your individual, unique style when you ‘snap it up.’ Mix and match to create a look that's one of a kind. 20mm Classic snaps only work with 20mm jewelry and accessories. Weight Approx: 8g. (Nickel, Cadmium and Lead Free).

 Snap Size 18mm/20mm 

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