Cyan/Red Dichroic

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The creation of Dichroic (dī-ˈkrō-ik ) glass dates back to at least the 4th century AD.  Dichroic's word origin is from the Greek, dikhroos, meaning "having two colors";   Di - two, chroic - colors.  Modern dichroic glass is available as a result of materials research carried out by NASA in the 1960's

It is important to understand that each dichroic snap is unique.  All snaps are hand cut by our Artist Bev Haggett, from different sheets of patterned and non patterned dichroic glass, layered and then fired in a kiln (often twice - or more). If you have chosen a patterned snap,  the pattern and coloring you receive may not be exactly as pictured.  It will be from the same piece of glass, but there is a pattern and color variation throughout the glass.

Customize your individual, unique style when you ‘snap it up.’ Mix and match to create a look that's one of a kind. 20mm Classic snaps only work with 20mm jewelry and accessories. Weight Approx: 8g. (Nickel, Cadmium and Lead Free).

 Snap Size 18mm/20mm 

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