• What is Tarnish-Me-Not®?

    • Tarnish-Me-Not is the patented solution that preserves your jewelry and protects your skin. Once applied, our unique formula creates a clear and impervious shield onto jewelry, preventing rapid tarnish/discoloration, corrosion, and rust. Dermatologist tested and approved, Tarnish-Me-Not protects your skin against allergies that are commonly caused by jewelry; such as skin irritation, discoloration, rashes and hives (i.e. contact dermatitis).


  • How do I apply Tarnish-Me-Not?

    • Carefully follow the instructions below on how to use Tarnish-Me-Not.
    • Be sure to properly prepare your jewelry before spraying. Gently clean your pieces and lay flat for best results.
    • Do not shake. The unique composition of this formula performs best when contents in the can are still, as opposed to shaken up.

    • Hold can upright 5-6" from jewelry.

    • Spray in a continuous and even motion until item is coated thoroughly.

    • Allow up to 15 minutes for dry-to-touch and an additional 15 minutes to handle.

    • Turn item over to spray any remaining surface areas.

    • Repeat as needed until coated thoroughly - two coats maximum, which is highly suggested for long lasting protection.

    • For best results, spray item in a room temperature, and non-humid environment.

    • Finally, enjoy! Once you have completely sealed your jewelry and allowed optimal dry time, you may begin wearing it right away.

  • Has the product been tested? Is it Hypoallergenic?

    • Of course! Tarnish-Me-Not has been thoroughly tested and approved by the Department of Dermatology and Toxicology. The test results indicated that this formula is 100% Hypoallergenic. The test conducted is known as "RIPT" testing (also known as "Repeated Insult Patch Test").
    • Since 2013, our formula has undergone more than 1,300 successful experiments. These experiments include:
    • Laboratory Testing (Corrosion Resistance, UV Ray Exposure)

      Placebo Focus Group Testing

      Controlled Focus Group Testing

      Wear and Tear Experimental Testing

      Weather Testing

  • Can Tarnish-Me-Not be used on all Metal Surfaces?

        • Yes. It can be used on all metal surfaces. From sterling silver to gold. Want to know a secret? That's not all it can be used for.
        • Tarnish-Me-Not can be used on an array of surfaces- whether it is metal or not. For example, it can be used on fabric surfaces as well. Use it on that leather bag you bought last year to make it like new! A coat of Tarnish-Me-Not can make any dull surface look lustrous again.
      • Other surfaces include:



        -Home Decor

        -Door Knobs


        -Car parts

        -Leather & more

         Those who suffer from a moderate to severe Nickel Allergy will find our product to be extremely beneficial in preventing allergic reactions.

         *Side Note: Did you know that over 60 Million Americans suffer from a Nickel Allergy?

         The possibilities are endless! The more you Tarnish-Me-Not, the more uses you will find.


      • What is jewelry tarnish and what causes it?

        • You know that moment when you realize that your favorite ring is just not shining the way it used to? Or when your ‘sterling silver’ necklace is suddenly more black than silver? Well, this is the perfect example of tarnishing: the discoloration, dullness and rusting of metals that were once more lustrous. Jewelry tarnish is caused by contact with numerous uncontrollable factors. Examples include:

          - Environmental Factors: water, humidity, moisture, dirt and UV rays

          - Cosmetic Factors: perfume, lotion, make-up

          - Personal Factors: sweat, natural skin oils, metal sensitivity

          The most effective way to prevent jewelry tarnish is to eliminate contact with the elements that cause it, from the beginning. By using Tarnish-Me-Not, you can worry less about preventing tarnish on your jewelry and spend more time wearing it the way it should be – with confidence.

      • Can I spray my jewelry if it is already tarnished?

        • Yes. However, be sure to thoroughly clean your tarnished pieces to remove as much tarnish and residue as possible before spraying. Tarnish-Me-Not will form its clear coating on the surface of the tarnished piece, preventing any continued tarnish or discolouration.


        • How do I prepare my jewelry before spraying?

            • Gently wipe down your jewelry to remove any dust, residue or finger prints to ensure a clean surface for spraying. This will prevent any fogging due to unwanted particles being trapped beneath the coating. Be sure to lay your jewelry completely flat for easier application and even results.
            • If you are unhappy with the overall finish of your jewelry after the coating has dried, simply wipe it off with acetone and reapply following the preparation steps.
          • Is Tarnish-Me-Not safe for my skin? Can I use it regularly?

            • Absolutely! Tarnish-Me-Not has been thoroughly tested and is dermatologist and toxicologist approved. All tests have concluded that Tarnish-Me-Not is 100% Hypoallergenic and safe for regular contact with skin.

              Tarnish-Me-Not has completed the ‘Repeated Insult Patch Test’(RIPT), ensuring that there are no negative reactions resulting from contact between human skin and our hypoallergenic formula. Furthermore, since 2013, Tarnish-Me-Not has undergone more than 1,300 successful experiments. These experiments include:

              Laboratory Testing (Corrosion Resistance, UV Ray Exposure)

              Placebo Focus Group Testing

              Controlled Focus Group Testing

              Wear and Tear Experimental Testing

              Weather Testing

            • How many pieces of jewelry can I spray with one bottle?

              • With our 1.5 oz aerosol spray, customers can spray an average of 8-12 pieces of jewelry with two coats per piece.

                This measurement considers the 8-12 pieces to be a variety of average sized necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. When spraying larger pieces, such as over-sized statement necklaces, the quantity of pieces per bottle may be less. While spraying smaller items, such as rings, will allow a larger quantity of pieces per bottle.

            • How often do I need to re-apply Tarnish-Me-Not?

              • We recommend Tarnish-Me-Not to be reapplied every three months to jewelry that is worn regularly. For occasionally worn pieces, it is recommended to reapply the coating every six months.

                The time duration before suggested reapplication varies by how often the jewelry is exposed to certain wear-and-tear factors; such as: water, humidity, sweat, skin oils, cosmetic products and UV rays. Customers that are more susceptible to skin allergies are advised to reapply the coating more often; one to three months for regularly worn items, and every four to six months for occasionally used items. While other customers, less susceptible to skin allergies, have reported spraying their jewelry only once every 12 months.

            • What surfaces can I apply Tarnish-Me-Not to?

              • One of Tarnish-Me-Not’s greatest characteristics is its versatile uses. Tarnish-Me-Not can be applied to an array of surfaces, not just metals! This makes it easy to spray pieces that include other materials besides metal. Here’s a list of the various surfaces you can spray with Tarnish-Me-Not:
              • Base Metals
              • Precious metals
              • Metal Alloys
              • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
              • Polished metals
              • Painted metals
              • Plated metals
              • Fabric
              • Leather
              • Gemstones
              • Wood
              • Hard plastics
              • Vinyl
              • Fiberglass

            • Can I shower with my coated jewelry?

              • Of Course! Tarnish-Me-Not will have you wearing your jewelry in moments that you never could have before - while you shower, wash your hands, sleep and even exercise. Our protective coating gets you through all your daily activities, without fear of tarnishing or skin allergies.

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