How do I change the snaps?

To change your Snaps, simply remove the snap using your finger. The Snap will detach from the finding and can quickly be removed and replaced with a new design. Alternatively, you can purchase our Snap it Up Jewelry pick tool. Place the pick tool between the Snap and the accessory, and twist until the Snap comes loose.

How do I care for my Jewelry?

As with all plated jewelry, tarnishing may naturally occur over time. To keep your Snaps and accessories looking their best, clean them with a dry non-treated polishing cloth. Please do not use liquid jewelry cleaners. These products strip the plating on all plated jewelry and will cause permanent damage. We also encourage you to limit exposing your Snaps and accessories to water (bathing, hand-washing, etc.) and never wear them into a pool or spa. Body lotions, perfumes, even body oils can tarnish plated jewelry.

What’s the difference between Petite Snaps and Classic Snaps?

Each Snap is a different size. Petite Snaps are 12mm. Original Snaps are 20mm. Each size is not interchangeable with other sizes. We have jewelry and accessory items that is specific to the size of snap.

What payment methods do you accept?

Snap it Up Jewelry accepts; Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and ShopPay

What are the differences between Fine, Semi-fine and Fashion jewelry?

Fine Jewelry

You don't have to worry about taking your jewels off when they sleep, shower or workout. Fine jewelry is always solid gold and the stones are genuine, it will never tarnish and can be worn day in and day out.


Semi-fine jewelry is the category that bridges the gap between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Semi-fine jewelry is typically characterized as being gold plated, gold vermeil. One thing that sets semi-fine jewelry apart from fashion jewelry is that the base metal used is typically sterling silver.  Semi-fine will also use synthetic gems and stones.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is typically made with non-precious stones and metals such as brass, bronze and copper. All our jewelry is Cadmium, Nickel and Lead FREE.  Nickel is typically the culprit for causing reactions with fashion jewelry.  The base metal used with fashion jewelry is bronze or copper.  Snap it Up Jewelry is copper based and then silver plated.  Care is required with all silver-plated jewelry.  Please read our care instructions.

Have another Question?

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