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Pet Paw 3D
Allure - WhiteAllure - White
Allure - BrownAllure - Brown
Allure - GoldAllure - Gold
Allure - BlackAllure - Black
Simple Snap Base Pendant
Gold Ball Snap Base Pendant
Collar Snap Base Pendant
Ball Snap Base Pendant
Stainless Steel Snap Base Pendant
Aztec Snap Base Pendant
Kiya Bracelet
Ella Bracelet
Irish Dancer Petite PendantIrish Dancer Petite Pendant
Dream Catcher Flower Petite
Charcoal Heart
Crystal Heart
Iridescent Heart
Heart of Diamonds
SpiderStar Petite
Onyx Heart
Seashell Rose Red Petite
Navy Blue Oval Petite
Cyan Oval Petite
Ruby Red Oval Petite
Emerald Oval Petite
Orchid Star Petals Petite
Love Heart
Smart Phone Shoulder Bag - Onyx Alligator
Smart Phone Shoulder Purse - Grey CanvasSmart Phone Shoulder Purse - Grey Canvas
Filigree Trellis Amber
Zebra Shell
Chanel # 23
Opal Tangerine
Opal Laguna

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